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  • Genişlik 705 mm
  • Height 1415 kg
  • Yükseklik 1820 mm
  • Ağırlık 375 kg
OS - 175 Nuts Roasting Machine
  • Ürün Adı: OS - 175 Nuts Roasting Machine
  • Proje Kategorisi Belt Type Roasters & Dryers
  • Proje zamanı:
  • Üretim yeri: Turkey

OS-175 is a small scale industrial crawler roasting machine designed with small stores and R & D units in mind. Because of its impressive design in terms of appearance, it provides great convenience for producers to display their products in showrooms. Since the OS-175 is an electric model and does not contain fossil fuel, the machine does not emit harmful fumes and is safe for use in small stores. Despite its small size, the OS-175 belt roasting machine has an advanced programmable controller PLC and electronic system. It also has an intelligent touch control screen attached to the machine to adjust the temperature, conveyor speed, tariffs, and many other operating settings. has wheels underneath for platforms. This relatively maintenance-free machine is available in both exotic handmade copper design and full stainless steel models.

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General Features

  • Roast almost any kind of nuts
  • Significant difference in roasting quality
  • Rreduces production costs 
  • High-performance roasting rooms
  • Flexibility to adjust the desired temperature
OS - 175 Nuts Roasting Machine

Capacity Features

Sunflower Seeds 10-15  kg/h
Peanut Salted 15-20  kg/h
Shelled Peanuts 5-10  kg/h
Hazelnut 15-20  kg/h
Shelled Hazelnut 10-15  kg/h
Pumpkin Seeds 10-15  kg/h
Almond 10-15  kg/h
Shelled Almond 10-15  kg/h
Pictachio 10-15  kg/h
Pictachio without purple skin 15-20  kg/h
Cashew 10-15  kg/h

Fuel Features

Fuel Type Minimum  

14 kW