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  • Genişlik 1275 mm
  • Height 1635 mm
  • Yükseklik 2300 mm
  • Ağırlık 800 kg
OS - 180 Nuts Roasting Machine
  • Ürün Adı: OS - 180 Nuts Roasting Machine
  • Proje Kategorisi Belt Type Roasters & Dryers
  • Proje zamanı:
  • Üretim yeri: Turkey

OS-180 is a single-stage burner crawler nuts roasting machine for micro industrial applications with a high degree of safety mechanisms. It has a microprocessor-based control box with diagnostic functions and low noise emissions. The electric nuts cooking machine is completely made of stainless steel, which is highly preferred with its low carbon content. There are three hoppers in this banded nuts roasting machine. It also has a single cooling chamber for stopping the roasting process and reducing the temperature to almost room temperature. It has the strength to withstand heavy stresses, an optional belt cleaning system, the ability to roast almost all kinds of nuts, and the ability to memorize recipes.

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General Features

  • Roast almost any kind of nuts
  • Significant difference in roasting quality
  • Rreduces production costs 
  • High-performance roasting rooms
  • Flexibility to adjust the desired temperature
OS - 180 Nuts Roasting Machine

Capacity Features

Sunflower Seeds 20-25 kg/h
Peanut Salted 20-25 kg/h
Shelled Peanuts 10-15 kg/h
Hazelnut 30-40 kg/h
Shelled Hazelnut 25-25 kg/h
Pumpkin Seeds 20-25 kg/h
Almond 20-25 kg/h
Shelled Almond 15-20 kg/h
Pictachio 25-30 kg/h
Pictachio without purple skin 30-40 kg/h
Cashew 20-25 kg/h

Fuel Features

Fuel Type Minimum Maximum
Diesel(1 Burner)

54 kW(4.5kg/s) 

120 kW(10 kg/s)
LPG(1 Burner)
23 kW[0.9 Nm³/s]
58 kW[2.2 Nm³/s]
Natural Gas(1 Burner)
23 kW[2.3 Nm³/s]
58 kW[5.8 Nm³/s]
5  kW

10 kW