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  • Genişlik 1915
  • Height 1600
  • Yükseklik 3505
  • Ağırlık 1350 kg
OS - 195 Nuts Roasting Machine
  • Ürün Adı: OS - 195 Nuts Roasting Machine
  • Proje Kategorisi Belt Type Roasters & Dryers
  • Proje zamanı:
  • Üretim yeri: Turkey

The OS - 195 crawler roasting machine is a compact-sized electric nut cooking machine that works with a single-stage burner for light industrial applications. This belt nuts baking machine has two roasters and a single cooling chamber. The machine is designed for small scale industries. This roasting furnace features a fully automatic mono-block gas burner with a single-stage adjustment. Designed with fan curved blades for efficiency. It also has a single cooling chamber to stop the roasting process and lower the temperature to room temperature. This nuts roasting machine can form fossil fuels with LPG, CNG and diesel or electricity. The gas in the gas burners never comes into contact with the product. Advanced touch screen control panel; it provides the flexibility to adjust the desired temperature, humidity, and conveyor speed in the roasting chambers.

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General Features

  • Roast almost any kind of nuts
  • Significant difference in roasting quality
  • Rreduces production costs 
  • High-performance roasting rooms
  • Flexibility to adjust the desired temperature
OS - 195 Nuts Roasting Machine

Capacity Features

Sunflower Seeds 80-100 kg/h
Peanut Salted 80-100 kg/h
Shelled Peanuts 50-60 kg/h
Hazelnut 200-250 kg/h
Shelled Hazelnut 150-180 kg/h
Pumpkin Seeds 80-100 kg/h
Almond 80-100 kg/h
Shelled Almond 70-90 kg/h
Pictachio 100-120 kg/h
Pictachio without purple skin 180-200 kg/h
Cashew 180-200 kg/h

Fuel Features

Fuel Type Minimum Maximum
Diesel(1 Burner)

54 kW(4.5kg/s) 

120 kW(10 kg/s)
LPG(1 Burner)
42 kW[1.6 Nm³/s]
116 kW[7.75 Nm³/s]
Natural Gas(1 Burner)
42 kW[4.2 Nm³/s]
116 kW[11.6 Nm³/s]
15  kW

25 kW